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Hi, I thought it would be fitting to resurrect the old site as a homage to the great Quake 2 clan, Massive Killing Capacity. MKC live on as an RA3 clan so we're not dead, but I thought having a record of our long Quake 2 history would be nice, plus I liked this old site design of mine ;). This site holds our full match history and much of the site news since formation but the demos are sadly not available unless I can find somewhere to host them - but I still have them all! The only one that's available right now is the win over Clan Stealth on Q2DM6 from Tribal's pov.

Massive Killing Capacity were formed in October 1998 by two players on Wireplay, Evil Santa and Blaze. Early players included Tribal, Axe, kD, DocGonzo, Moneypenny, Kerensky, Nicotine, Ticktoc, Sgt. Simmo, WorldEater and Snakebite. MKC were very strong on the Wireplay scene playing alongside the likes of Clan Revenge, The Hoods, and Children of Gaia.

MKC moved over to the net in Season 5 of the UKCCL, beginning at the bottom in Division 5. However, they quickly worked their way up through the divisions, eventually reaching Division 1 by Season 11. Players recruited in this second stage of the clan's life included Caldazar, Spiritos, Prophet, Luprachan, Ruven, Sativa, Zipgun, Dachande, Kaa, Toadkilla, Warchild, REViLLA, and several others that you can find on the members page. MKC retired from Quake 2 at the beginning of 2001 and went on to compete in the world of Unreal Tournament and in Rocket Arena 3, which the clan still plays today.

MKC always played with a brilliant attitude, taking the game for exactly what it is, and never allowed themselves to be l33t on the servers. However, we had some amazing talent in the clan and some very well known names on the scene. MKC was the best clan I could have ever played in and all my best memories of Quake 2 were with them. Here's to all the MKC'ers and I really hope we all get together again for some future game!!!

Below is a something I kept from an e-mail sent out by Worldeater summing up every player in the clan some time late in 2000. Must have been in one of his softer moments ;), but I think it's as nice a footnote to the clan as I could hope to write. Also check out the Clan Meet pictures.


What can I say?
The geezer who got me into Q2 in the first place - top bloke.
Laziest playing style I have EVER witnessed!
Anyone who's seen him behind his keys will know that - slouches in his chair, 1 leg over the arm of it, phone on his shoulder talkin to a relly or a m8. Casually takes his hands off the keys and mouse, takes a drink, pulls up the scores and the basts still winning!


I've only met this guy on IRC and UT - nice bloke, comes across as laid back: until you play him.
Thats about the time you pull up the scores thinking your playing really well, only to find him about 20 frags ahead : /
Only 1 thing i can really say -
If your on the other team, God help you! :)


One of me acquantances from good ole WDB (Whisky Drinkin Bitches) who i temp for occasionally if they're short on peeps for a friendly. (no, I don't play for em in leagues - read the rules! DUH!)
Anyways - 1 word sums this guy up "railmongerWHORE"!
O.K. its 3 :)
Fantastic player, great for the ole modem skills trying to avoid him as he charges at you RG blazing.
Tends to make you panic and go "Oh SH*T! Must run!


MKC old timer back from the dead :)
I'm probably gunna get a lot of crap for saying this -
This guy was the 1st player to truly inspire me.
I 1st saw him on the lithium servers when i was but a learner.
Fast and permanently frenzied, this guy is one you don't wanna go up against!
ESPECIALLY if he has a quad :)


I used to hear Moneypenny and a few others chatting and every now and again I'd hear "Kaa".
Being the naturally nosey peep I am, i saw him on a server once and jumped on.
The bloke gets a 200 - 250 ping shrugs it off as standard, and STILL rails like mad.
Naturally, I had to get him in :)
A little buttering up (ooer!) and he signed up :)
Glad we did; HPB's of this standard are rare :)))


Another old timer, rarely plays much these days :(
Another member of the old <cough> GBU <cough> squad :)
Permanent user of anything explosive - if I didn't know better I'd have said he was a nutcase ( a nutcase in MKC? nah.... ;) )
Always quoting Starship Troopers, a headcase that fits in well with a clan of headcases :)


A player who follows the old Tribal point of view - "just play the damn game!"
Will not stop for anything to win - if its on the map, he'll use it, and use it well!
Permanently bogged down by people whinging for various reasons "quad whore, LPB, bot..,"
The list is endless.
IMO, it's people venting off frustration cuz the gits too good :)
In fact, that should be scribed on his tombstone "Died cuz he was too good!"


There's a 1001 things I can say here :)
I'll be brief - RAILQUEEN!
Despite popular belief, I was infact the 1st person to recognise pure talent here, way back when lithium was all the rage :)
Anyhow, I don't know why, but there must be a rail slug homing signal on me ass or summat - if she's playing the same time I am - there's the rail, blowing me to tiny tiny pieces, even on the same team! (classic example: teamgame on dm3, about 5 mins left, i line up an RJ to the invuln, POP! railed in the lava...)


1st recruited as a HPB, this guy was nasty.
Will push you to the limit and then rocket past you in the frag count!
Now, he's LPB...
Well I'm not so I can happily say this:
l33t LPB cunt0r!
Frustrating to play against, makes me glad I'm on the same side :)


HPB, of Ex-HooD (il)fame :)
When the UKCCL custom maps came out, I had the misfortune of being in the team that friendly against HooD vs this guy...
Just a few mins into the game and i was reduced to
"<sobs> leave me alone for godsakes!"
If you ever have doubts about playing Q2 - don't play him, or you'll never play again :)


Unanimously nominated Head Nutcase of the MKC Assylum, and with good reason :)
I don't know if its cuz the guys a pure genious, or just purely insane, which ever it is - he rocks :)
Another ex-lithium junky - it shows in his skills for his quad domination, and over-kill usage of the HB :)
Recently added RG to his weapon repetoire.
Another one of the guys who in clan practices is the cause for a high percentage of any stress caused in it - and our practices IMO are VERY stressful :)


Complete RG sod - and that was BEFORE he went LPB.
To quash any rumour that he only wins cuz he's an LPB, BITE ME - the guys too good, I witnessed his annihilation of many LPB's when he wasnt one.
Think your a good dueler?
This one will wipe the smile off your face in the 1st coupla mins.
NO, he isn't a bot. YES, he is that good.
Nuff said before his ego inflates :)


Great laugh to play, and hot contender for the "moaner" award for MKC, along with me :)
Its very difficult to out moan this guy, even tho he's got nothing to moan about :)
Totally puts himself down too much.
You can be running around a map quite happily, with noone in sight only to be hit from nowhere by a RG shot.
Richly deserves my "LPB cunt0r" remarks :)


Well its me aint it :)
Moaner of the century, always fussing over my ping :)
I would say I'm crap, but some people won't let me :)
My only redeeming feature is my handgrenade skills :)
OI! Stop laughin!
Could YOU ever time a handgrenade throw so that when your in the air the explosion acts like a mid-air RJ?
I think not :)


Leaves me astounded and speachless (yes, me speachless is a rarity :) )
Totally no-frills gaming style.
Will pin a map as soon as it starts, trying to break him from his routes and patterns is a total nightmare.
Another member who's bogged down with comments like "bot, camper, quad whore, LPB" etc.
He doesnt camp. Yes he whores the quad. Yes he's LPB. He is not a bot.
Gets my Mr. Boring award, cuz he follows the same patterns endlessly, stopping for nothing :)
Also proud winner of my "LPB cunt0r" award :)


Dazzling skills, speed, style and grace.
And now he's LPB too :)
His shots are endless, and non-stop, which I think is why he chose his name :)
If he's playing, he'll dominate with style and wipe you off the face of the map.
Everytime I've played against him one phrase always leaves my mouth:
"F*ck off with that!"

^ REViLLA - 20 April 2003

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